Customize your popbar any way you want and make it yours.


Customize your popbar with premium Dark, Milk, or White chocolate. Dip, half dip, even drizzle. Then take a bite. Pace yourself.

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Our very popular Hot Chocolate on a Stick in frozen form.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Add steamed milk to our premium blend of Hot Chocolate on a Stick and stir to create your own chocolatey goodness!


That's you! We'll warn you: after you have your first popbar, there's no going back. Attention: Popbar consumption may result in addictive behavior.


Our photo gallery filled with pages of Popaholics enjoying their creations in front of the giant iconic "popArt" at our store. 


This is our iconic popbar that is displayed at our store. And no, it's not edible!


Praline sized popSorbetto and popGelato on the go! 


Made with all natural ingredients and ranging in fun flavors like Hazelnut, Pistachio, and Gianduia. popGelato can be rolled in Poppings and fully dipped, half dipped, or drizzle with different types of premium chocolates.


The corner of creation where Popologists happily produce and design your popbars. Our popLab is open and visible to the Popaholics. 


Certified creators of the treats you eat as well as the masterminds behind your delicious addiction.


Toppings you can roll and press onto your popbar! Our Poppings are always packed and brimming with chopped almonds, crushed hazelnuts, nutty pistachios, shredded coconut, and chocolate sprinkles.


The healthier alternative to its creamy sister. Made with real fruit (about 70% of it!), popSorbetto is exactly what you need to enjoy a delicious treat and still keep your slender figure. Disclaimer: we are not responsible for your chocolate-dipping addiction. 


Our yogurt based pop filled with real fruit and fresh yogurt- for all of our yogurt lovers.