miniPops arrive in white insulated boxes which keep the pops frozen for up to three hours. 

Each box contains 25 miniPops.

Minimum purchase: 25 miniPops (1 box)
4 boxes or less: choose 2 flavors per box
(13 of one, 12 of another)
4+ boxes: choose 1 flavor per box


Under 200 miniPops: $60 per box of 25
200+ miniPops: $50 per box of 25

Dippings and Poppings are $0.25 per Dipping, per Popping, per popbar


For locations BELOW 14th Street: $15
For locations ABOVE 14th Street: $25

Attention: miniPops are made to order and require a 48 hour advanced notice. Flavors subject to availability.

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If you choose delivery option please give an hour window for locations above 14th Street and a half an hour for below 14th Street
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Contents of Order
For 4 boxes or less you may choose two flavors per box, 13 of one and 12 of another. For more than 4 boxes you may choose one flavor per box. You may customize each batch of 25 miniPops with two different Dippings and two different Poppings. Please indicate if you would like the pops half or fully dipped and which Poppings you would like for each group of miniPops. Please keep in mind that you must dip the pops if you would like Poppings.