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New York City

F Factor miniPop 25-Pack


Limited Edition: Popbar x F Factor miniPops #popbarxffactor! Mouth watering, creamy, guilt less gelato and yogurt on stick #WOW.

Enjoy a delectable frozen treat while your waistline decreases in size #AWESOME

Available in 2 delicious miniPop flavors: vanilla popYogurt and cappuccino PopGelato dipped in rich dark chocolate

While supplies last...pre order your 25 miniPop Popbar x F Factor variety pack for $64.99.

Limited Time Offer! Place your orders ASAP or at

All Natural ~ High Protein ~ Good Source of Fiber ~ Less than 100 Calories ~ Kosher

Tag us @popbar #popbar, #popbarxffactor

*Kosher, Contains Dairy, Egg, Soy

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